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"The D Rex is out on the prowl at the Chicago St. Patricks Day Parade.  Here are some interesting shots of the beast in front of my DeLorean before the parade.  These shots give you a real sense of how big this DeLorean is.  For more images and video of the D Rex at the parade, visit my site http://www.entermyworld.com and Rich's site http://www.entermyworld.com/rich."



I just wanted to send over a pictures of the DeLorean for this time of year.  Not often that you see a 110 pound pumpkin, let alone in a DeLorean.

Bryan Pearce http://www.pearce-design.com/


Dang!! Here's what happens when you do a body lift-off using an in-ground 2-post lift. We noticed the problem at about this point in the project. Oops (and some stronger words!)

Next time, we use a twin-post outrigger lift. (Yes - the guys were able to drag the chassis out from under the lift).

DMC Midwest Tech session, September 2001 - Dave Swingle (Photo by Bryan Pearce)

Kevin Abato writes:

---1983 Delorean: $14,000
---Sony Digital Camera: $495
---Tripod from Walmart: $24.95

Having all three of the above when you accidentally bump into John Delorean: PRICELESS!

Hi, thought you might like this black and white shot of a Delorean belonging to my friend Rusk. He enjoyed it and now has it as his desk top background.


Alan Rowe. Isle of Wight, UK


Thanks!  This car is for sale!  Ryan- vin.#16301

I've been a member of the DML since May of 1998.  Last night, I finally got myself a DeLorean.  WHEEEEE!

Wow, is it ever fun.  Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures to show off to my friends, and these two I think would make fine additions to your site, and
specifically for the picture of the month some time. Ok, so it fuels to "Back to the Future" fires a little, but hey, it's good for a laugh.  Please let me
know if you enjoy them.  Thanks...and thanks for the DML.

-- Marty (Not McFly) mlick27@yahoo.com  Vin #um, I gotta go look it up but I have one.

I'm a DeLorean fan, and was driving (in my leased car) here in Holland when I saw these two DeLoreans standing in a garage! The next day I took my
camera with me and took some pictures of my dream car! The garage owner told me that he was a DeLorean dealer and used to own 4 DeLoreans, I told the whole story to the Dutch DeLorean club (www.delorean.nl) and they told me there never was a DeLorean dealer in Holland! The D in the back has an single turbo setup.

Greetings, Tiemen Harte


This picture is of my 1982 DeLorean VIN11596 at the 43rd Annual Toppers Car Club show, in Fargo, ND.  The ex-governor, Governor Schaefer of
North Dakota attended the show and i asked him if he would like to sit in my DeLorean - so here you have it, last year's governor, his wife Nancy, and my DeLorean!

Andy Lien
1982 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN#11596
Fargo, ND 58102

Here's 3 photos of the first Delorean in Costa Rica.One is at a local car show I went to the next day. The rest are at the docks in Limon, where I got it off the boat. Notice the Georgia License plate that I am putting on the car. I bought it off a guy on the street for $20, no kidding. Sure beats waiting in line at the DMV!

For the DMC buffs, it is an '81, black int., 5-speed, 3K miles, brand new crate motor with "super-engine" mods, and total rebuild/restoration from DMC Houston.

-Ace Underhill-
Brilliant Screen Entertainment


July 2001a

One foggy night it appeared in our drive way.
Jim and Cindy Sawyer vin 4149"ELMO"  mrvideosawyer(AT)netscape.net

July 2001b

Russell Hughes - It's a pic of my D enjoying a beautiful Isle of Wight sunset last summer.  I do spoil it.


ps - great site!

June 2001

One of the three Gold DMCs. You saw this car if you were in Cleveland in 2000.

1983 24 Karat Gold-plated DeLorean with 636 orginal miles. DeLorean has an automatic transmission VIN# 20105. The vehicile is in immaculate condition. There has never been upgrades or anything done to it. The vehicle is housed in LaVale, Maryland. There were only 3 24 gold-plated DL's made in the world and this is the last one. The vehicle has never been licensed. The entire body, less bumpers, has been gold plated. It sports a saddle and brown interior. When this vehicle was reskinned, it was given the LAST I.D. numbers.

May 2001

Spring Break 2001 in Daytona. Greetings! Thought I'd send a few pictures of my car for the picture of the month/subscriber rides. The car is an 83 #16072, I just recently started restoring it, so pardon those seats (yuck) and other imperfections. These pictures are from Spring Break 01 in Daytona Beach 

-Jay Badger

Jay's new best friends:

and lucky Jay:

April 2001

Here's a picture (made out of 3 separate ones) of 19 DeLoreans of the 24 that attended the DeLorean Club Netherlands Fall-drive 2000.
The picture was taken at "Huis de Voorst", and there were cars from The Netherlands, Belguim and Germany.
You can find the DeLorean Club Netherlands on <http://www.delorean.nl>

Jan van de Wouw

March 2001 (sorry I'm late)

Happy St. Patricks Day! Submitted by Scott Mueller

Another one from Rich. Winter in Illinois

February 2001

January 2001 submitted by Rich Wessensel

These photos are about 10 years old. The photos were taken at a used car lot near O'Hare Airport in 1990. We'd love to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of this car. If you know anything about it please write to webmaster(AT)dmcnews.com


December 2000a submitted by Eric Geerdink

"Back to the Future meets The Graduate"
Below is a Oct build 1981 Delorean, vin 4512.  Along side of it is a rare 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto featured in The Graduate staring Dustin Hoffman. 

December 2000b submitted by Kevin Rawlings

Rendered in MS Paint

November 2000 submitted by Scott Mueller
1981/002981  DOA5031

Down here in LA  (Lower Alabama)  the vehicles that we have to compete with during rush hour is just a bit different than what you deal with in the big cities.

October  2000 Submitted by Rich Weissensel

Not really sure WHATs going on here - is Rich creating DeLorean-Henge in his back yard? You'll notice that these are not whole, but what's left after you hit something with the front of your DeLorean.  Here's what he has to say:

Delorean Rescue(?)
Attached are photos of 3 Delorean fiberglass subframes in transport. Please consider one or more for an upcoming Photo of the Month. It's not often you see multiple Delorean subframes in transit. I picked these up from out back of an old Delorean dealership. They were slated to be taken to the 'crusher' by the end of the month. I picked them up on Oct. 18th, 2000 and they are now in storage. Some or all of them will be used in my upcoming special projects.



September 2000a Submitted by Mike Babb

This picture is available commercially. See www.deloreancarshow.com for details on how to buy.

September 2000b Submitted by Josh  Haldeman

Kathryn DeLorean, daughter of John DeLorean and Christina FerrareDeLorean posing in my DeLorean automobile at the 2000 Cleveland Show.  I asked her if she wanted to try driving it but she said she was too scared she would hit something.  I told her that there would be no greater souvenir than a dent caused by JZD's daughter, but she still declined.  I hope that she got a chance to drive someone's car because Ken said she had never driven one before the show.  What a travesty!

VIN 5102
VIN 15964

August  2000a Submitted by Tom Watkins

Not sure if these count as unique but I used to work on the Universal backlot in L.A and got the one of our cars together.  The one of the BTTF car on a hauler was at Jay Ohrbergs Star Cars in Sun Valley.  Jay built several replicas for Universal and I stopped by one day to see his warehouse full of wierd cars (The Pink Panther car, Red Baron car, etc...)
Hope you like them

August  2000b Submitted by Barry Leinbach

Here is a copy of my Delorean (Vin 10100) as a screen saver. We added the graphics to make it a bit more interesting.


July 2000a Submitted by  Scott Mueller
This photo is John Delorean autographing the dash of #002981, which won First Place (20 to 30K miles), during the Cleveland DeLorean Auto Show.  The owner, Scott Mueller is observing.  Many thanks to Bruce Battles for documenting this event.

Scott Mueller

July 2000b Submitted by  Shannon Yocom

I would like to submit the following image of Dave & Linda Colley's DMC. Their car was shot in a McDonalds parking lot. I place it into a castle picture, flipped the car horizontally, added more road and land under the car (it was a single lane road), added shadows, added reflections in the puddles & car. On this version I did not change the licence plate around, it remains reversed.

I'll probably get in trouble for digitally destroying the marque with this one. 

June 2000a Submitted by  Rick Haslewood
Here's my submission for the "pic of the month" :-) It was taken in January 1999 during the Pink Slip road-worthiness test. Right before the brake test, the clutch failed, so the 'D' had to be towed home. As for the dog... well I guess even animals like DeLoreans :-)
Rick Haslewood
Sydney, Australia
UIN: 4316376
VIN: 10599

June 2000b Submitted by EmpressBallroom (If you get a chance identify yourself)

After the St. Louis 1999 Delorean Convention we took a wrong turn off the highway and ended up here. I think it makes a great picture.

May 2000a Submitted by  Brian Metz
Here is my sumission for the DeLorean photo contest.  This was created with a picture of my D cut, cropped and shrunk and then superimposed over a picture of me at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  I really was in Paris, but my D wasn't.

Brian Metz
Vin 16584 (1983)

May 2000b Submitted by Rich Weissensel

This is a picture of my first Delorean that I purchased in 1985, which  just happened to be right around the time that the first Back to the  Future movie came out.  The picture was taken by my brother Rob in the  fall of 1985 in Palos Hills, IL. (notice the toboggan slides in the  background)  I sold that 'D' shortly afterward, due to full coverage  insurance problems with a loan out on a 'limited production car', etc. Since my insurance company re-classified the Delorean as a collectable  in 1990, I've had no insurance problems and purchased VIN 03552 in July 1990 in mint condition from a collector.  Since I've gotten the urge recently to actually 'drive' a Delorean more often then shows, parades and special occasions, I purchased a project Delorean VIN 06683 in March 2000, to be fixed up for 'frequent driver' if not a 'daily driver' in the near future.  I'm still looking for my 1985 paperwork for the VIN of my first DMC.
Rich Weissensel
Northeast Illinois

 VIN 03552  (10 years)
VIN 06683  (5 weeks)

April 2000a Submitted by Mark Noeltner:
This picture is of me sliding our car through a 90deg turn at an SCCA autocross in St. Louis on October 10th. This is the autox that was going on just as the DOA Expo ended. On my 4th run we pulled the in-car camera so that I could give DML member Bill Swilley a ride. I caught it before we spun around, but definitely slid a little. There is an MPEG video of it at the Mid-State DeLorean Club site under Events: http://www.midstatedmc.com/


April 2000b Submitted by Klaus Steiner:
This photo was taken at our marriage.

Regards from Germany
Klaus Steiner
VIN 5980

March 2000 
Removed by request

February  2nd half 2000 Submitted by Rey:
I really liked these wheels. Here's Rey's comment: The picture ...  was taken during "HOT  IMPORT NIGHTS CAR SHOW" held in Del Mar California which I was a participant...

February  2000 Submitted by Robert Kerman:
This was taken at last fall's DOA convention in St Louis. You can see how nice the weather was. 

Robert Kerman
Janesville, WI
# 5581

January 2000 Submitted by Bruce Benson:
This photo appeared in the Feb. 1984 issue of the defunct 'SPORTS CAR
GRAPHIC" magazine. I don't know if copyrights go away when a magazine dies
or if there are time limits on them, if not we hope nobody complains.

December 1999 A nice shot of Mike's DLORIANN. Here's the story:
It was taken at Jones Beach NY at sun set. BTW my wife Lori Ann always wanted a vanity plate with her name on it and I always wanted a Delorean so we compromised (who do you think got the better of that deal?).
Michael DeLuca
Vin 3113

November 1999 - Can this be for real? You Decide.  The IN2TIME Delorean Tow Truck. Additional pictures available at IN2TIME.com

Photo used by permission of the owner - Gary Hull of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club. The PNDC.org site also has pictures of the one-and-only DeLorean trailer.

October 1999 Photo-art submitted by Steve Symons of West Australia.

September 1999 - Another concept car - this one by Donald Kazmark. 


August 1999 - A concept car -  by Josh Haldeman. 

July 1999 - Just a nice photo -  by Tim Hansen. 






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