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This is page of technical information gathered from postings on the DeLorean Mailing List, and around the web. See the Editorial Note at the bottom of this page. 

Updated 12/30/2017   Steering Rack Rebuild

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Luke Sandel has graciously offered to provide additional content here.  Luke's DeLorean Page has a great collection of Technical info from the DML and other places. Also be sure to check DMCNews-the Zine.

Also be sure to check the tech files HERE.

The Complete Set of Tech Bulletins  in HTML format - clicking on small images will get to the large one.


  1. Car Inspection Checklists  
  2. New Owner Hints (aka  "The Newbie Files")
  3. How (not) to buy a Cheap Delorean
  4. How to Decode the VIN Number of a DeLorean
  5. Long Term Storage

Jordan's Encyclopedia of DeLorean Maintenance  (off-site link)

  1. Cooling System Maintenance
  2. Water Pump Replacement
  3. Water Pump Replacement2 Details and engine photos
  4. Water Pump Replacement3 More detailed instructions
  5. What Kind of Oil should I use?
  6. What Kind of Oil Filter should I use?
  7. Acceleration Problems
  8. General Tune-up Issues  
  9. Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
  10. Cylinder Head Remove/Replace 
  11. Performance Modification of the PRV  
  12. Why to stick with a stock air filter (off-site link Not DMC specific, but very applicable)

Emission/Fuel systems

  1. Engine Hot Start Quick Fix/Test
  2. Fuel Pressure Accumulator FAQ
  3. Engine Cranks, Won't start unless Jumped
  4. Engine Won't Cold Start
  5. Fuel Control Pressure Regulator
  6. Fuel Injection Hose Routing
  7. Fuel Inlet Hose Reinforcement
  8. Installing a Fuel Pressure Sender
  9. Eliminating the Lambda Sensor  
  10. Testing the Lambda Sensor 
  11. Idle Speed Discussions  

Electrical Systems

  1. Taillight Circuit Board Fix
  2. Modify Cooling Fans to Run Constant with A/C
  3. Cooling Fan Relay Modification  
  4. Cooling Fans Cycle Excessively
  5. Heater Control Panel Lights on/off with Headlights
  6. Door Lock Relay Modification
  7. Rewinding Door Lock Solenoids
  8. Factory Starter Circuit upgrade (Early cars only)
  9. Installing an Electric Antenna
  10. European Brake and Fog Wiring
  11. Radio R&R
  12. Door Switch Problems
  13. Headlight Relay Conversion
  14. Xenon Lights
  15. Door Lock Problems  
  16. Opening Stuck Doors  
  17. Modify Side Markers to Flash
  18. Converting lighting to LEDs 
  19. Engine Compartment Bulkhead Connector Breakout (PDF)
  20. RPM Relay Schematic (GIF - right click to download)


  1. Rebuilding the Manual Transmission - Notes
  2. Automatic Transmission Computer Replacement
  3. Automatic Transmission Theory and Troubleshooting
  4. Hershey's Electrical Fixes for the Auto Transmission
  5. Automatic Transmission Filter Cleaning
  6. Changing/Bleeding the Clutch Fluid


  1. Rebuilding the Front Suspension - Notes (Download the DeLorean Club of Oregon Newsletter issue 13, 14, 15)

  2. Steering Rack Service

  3. Steering Rack Replacement

  4. Constant Velocity Joint Service

  5. Trailing Arm Bolt Q&A

  6. Trailing Arm Bolt Engineering 

  7. Steering Rack Rebuild Instructions (PDF file - right click to download)  NEW!!


  1. Rebuilding Front Brakes
  2. DeLorean Wheel Dimensions
  3. What are the three DeLorean Wheel Styles?


  1. Hot Air Leak at back of Heater
  2. Retrofitting R134A Procedures 
  3. Another R134 Procedure
  4. Accumulator Parts ID
  5. Mode Switch Modification - A/C on with Defrost


  1. Straightening and Repainting the Front Fascia
  2. Front Fender R&R
  3. Painting the Frame
  4. Replacing the Frame
  5. T-Bar Reinforcement
  6. Door Adjustment Pre-check
  7. Cleaning up the Stainless
  8. Cracked Louver
  9. Trunk Cable Broken
  10. Door Panel Removal
  11. Water Leak Service Bulletin ST33-12/81 (pdf file - right-click to download)
  12. Keys and Where to get them
  13. What to do if you lock yourself out
  14. Door Lock Removal 
  15. Adjusting/Removing Torsion Bar and Door
  16. Finding Door Pin Striker Nut (when it falls inside the door)
  17. Aligning Door Striker Pins
  18. Locked Out?
  19. Replacing Lower Window Felt
  20. Window Channel Seal


  1. Speedometer
  2. Instrument Panel Binnacle Replacement
  3. Removing the Steering Wheel
  4. Dash and Binnacle Replacement
  5. Installing that Battery Strap NEW


  1. Angle Drive Remove/Replace
  2. Craig Radio Display
  3. Invisible Audio Upgrade 
  4. High-End Audio in the DeLorean
  5. Auto-Dimming Mirror


This is not meant to be a demonstration of  art of Web Creation, in most cases it will be completely text. 


We are not attempting to duplicate the DeLorean Factory Manuals. Updated versions of the Factory Parts & Service Procedure manuals are available from all the vendors. In many cases these writeups will reference, chapter and verse, processes in the manual.  The writeups only elaborate or clarify some of the ambiguities or inaccuracies of the original books, based on people's first-hand experience. If you are attempting any maintenance on your car, I'd strongly recommend that you buy the Parts Manual and the Technical Manual. They will be the best investment you make in the care of the car. It's really hard to drag your computer underneath the car, and by the time you have printed it all out you'll wish you bought it in the first place.


The usual caveats apply, if you do something explained  here and melt down your DeLorean, don't come crying to us. These pages, and the DeLorean manuals, will NOT make a mechanic out of someone with no mechanical aptitude. The legal fine print.


Items from the DML are posted here either in original form, or with minor editing to string together several questions and answers to make it more readable. If possible, the date or message number of the original posting is provided in case you want to go back and see the original in the archives. Anything found on the web is a link to the original page. This should save us from any copyright issues. Please notify me if any of the links go away. If I've inadvertently posted anything here without proper credit, please let us know. 


If you would like to contribute original articles, please submit, in any format, with photos reduced to appropriate filesize (20-30 kB per shot) to webowner(AT) There is a template at the bottom of the table of contents above if you would like to use the established format and create in HTML. You may also submit compilations of text from the DML, but all original text, signature lines and author identities must remain intact. 

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