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12/30/2017 Moved to new server, minor updates to home page, removed webring, frappr updated subscriber count

6/18/2010 Updated Deloreans UK club contact info

5/5/2010 Cleaned up cars for sale, added link to DCS 2010.

7/21/2009 Just found this.  Putting DOD back into DMC News, changed admin page to add Shannon Birdwell.

6/12/2006 Owners Directory updated

3/23/2006 Another DMC for Rent place

9/29/2005 Added article about ebay on resource and for sale page

8/25/2005 Added Gore article, cave painting, ads

8/5/2005 Activating New Archive

7/19/05 Dash and Binnacle

7/18/05 Added Bulkhead Connections, RPM relay, Marcus Theatre other tech stuff, some vanity plates

6/26/05 Added Clutch bleeding, updated production Chron docs

4/13/05 DOD updated rev b

11/22/04 Added Key info on tech section

10/31/04 LED info on tech section 

5/1/04 Added SS Frame

4/15/04    Updated Owners Directory

3/19/04 New Vanity and MyDMC. Updated Martin's Exhaust page.

12/11/03 Added Complete Tech Bulletin Library. By Anonymous Donor

12/9/03 Updated Cylinder Head article

11/16/03 Updated Side Marker info

11/4/03 New POTM and MyDMC

8/16/2003 General Cleanup

           Coverage of DMCH Open House

            Coverage of Northern IL Tech Week

            Coverage of Rock Crawler Monster Garage Episode

            POTM Updates

            MyDMC Updates

            Tech section updates a bunch - all labeled NEW or UPDATED

8/6/03 Cylinder Head Replacement

2/21/03 VIN Decoder

2/17/03 Another R134 process

2/16/03 Newspaper article about DMC-Houston

2/13/03 Added Stragands R134 Tech

2/5/03 World of Wheels and some new Vanity Plates

1/1/03 Added High-End Audio and Steering Rack to tech section

10/8/02 Added Elvis Nocita Lock upgrade to the Door Lock Section

9/23/02 Added Samuel's IRC channel

9/20/02 Added Exhaust Gaskets to Techsection

9/13/02 Changed all forwarding addresses. Tired of porno ads. 

4/26/02 Added Xenon Lights

4/11/02 Added Auto Trans Filter to Tech section

3/17/02 Added Louie MyDMC

2/22/02 Cleaned the garbage out of the want ads. 

2/21/02 Owner's Directory Updated - thanks Ken

2/30/01 Updated the archive to include most of 2001 New Format, DW HTML Coder. Added Lucas waterpump info

11/24/01 Closed the store and the cards

11/13/01 Trailing Arm Bolt tech

10/26/01 BTTF Show Link

10/22/01 Added MJ Fox Benefit stuff

10/15/01 Christian's Window Fix

10/6/01 Fuel pressure Sender in techsection

10/4/01 Added secret garage stuff. If you're curious write me. Garage/shop addition to my house.

10/3/01 About 3 months worth of pics of the month. Added some Techie stuff - thanks Les and Martin

10/1/01 More Vanity Plates

9/20/01 New Vanity. Sorry - getting behind on POTM

8/09/01 updated list member number. More when I get back from Houston

6/30/01 New Vanity, POTM, MyDMC, Tech section on Radio, Ads

6/10/01 New Vanity, POTM, and MyDMC

6/3/01 Updated ad page from being on vacation

5/20-30 Added Eurofest pix

4/28/01 May POTM

4/17/01 Added TABolt Section

4/22/01 added vanity plate

4/18/01 Added Google Search Utility

4/13/01 Added Newspaper clippings, upded myDMC

4/12/01 Added Invisibal Audio - Lucas

3/11/01 Added Eric G Plate

2/26/01 Changed all egroups references to YahooGroups

1/20/01   Getting tired of the spammers hitting this page for my email address. Changing @ to (AT) everywhere I can

12/29/00 Updated Archive Updated POTM

12/29/00 Cleaned up bibliography page, integrated with the old crap for sale info.

12/10/00 Changed POTM to Eric and Kevin. Added frame assembly prelim and door adjust test in techsection

11/23/00 Cleaned up Links page. Added cupholder guy

11/19/00 Added Scot M pic of the month. Late, but its the only one that came in

11/1/00 Added Chat Rooms page. dumped the Vault, moved the euro lite wiring to the tech section.

10/16/00 Addded NJP fuel hoses

9/27/00 Directory Updated - thanks Ken

9/16/00 added Special-T-auto (hervey)

9/12/00 added Justin MyDMC

9/2/00 Updated POTM

8/20/00 Minor update to the rules

8/19/00 Added Antenna Instructions

8/12/00 Added NCDMC Club and updated directory

8/6/00 Updated POTM. Added second search page to cover archives. Old one broke due to splitting into subwebs.

7/30/00 Changed Car-Wanted rules

7/8/00 Updated Achive to date. Added Tech articles and Vanity plates Split archive into child web

7/3/00 updated sub list, updated POTM, MYDMC

6/21/00More Cleveland photos on page 2 and 3

6/12/00 Added Body Die section.

6/11/00 Updated POTM, MyDMC

4/25/00 Updated Repair Facility List. More Ads

4/1/00 updated POTM and MyDMC

3/31/00 Updated Archive to 3/31

3/8/00 Updated the Directory

2/26/00 Updated Repair directory (removed one), updated owners manual PDF. Added DMC Japan to vendor links. Changed POTM to dmitri. Added Skins to resource page. 

2/21/00 Added Darryl's supercharger photos to vault

2/14/00 Changed POTM, thumbnailed old ones, added Jan V Euro lite info to Vault

2/5/00 Added new POTM, Stragand Vixen Link

01/22/00 Added Specialty Auto link

01/15/00 Added Starter Relay fix to tech section

01/09/00 Reset all bouncing subscribers. Changed all (bouncing) digests to summaries, all emails to digests. 01/04/00 Changed Dept of Commerce to self-service for parts and stuff.

01/02/00 Changed POTM

01/01/00 Happy New Year. Put up the first of the non-car ads, put the 'Zine back up where it belongs. Web Server was down for three days due to IP addressing SNAFU by host. 

12/29/99 This is probably a mistake, but added the parts for sale and wanted sections. 

12/25/99   Fixed messed up links on buy&sell lead page

12/24/99 added Lamrock/Barron, removed store link from index page

12/19/99 added Tamir

12/18/99 MyDMC Page added, What's new link to DECO added, other misc fixes

2/13/99 Changed Cleveland2000 Car Show to new Link address

12/12/99 Updated DeLorean MidAtlantic listing

12/1/99 New POTM, store about to close for the season

11/28/99 Quickie update to Frame Paint tech

11/14/99 Added Midstate DMC Club, cleaned out old Forsale ads, added a new one subscribers hit 999. Added Bob's Dyno Day page. 

11/6/99 Added link to traderonline at the top of forsale page

10/31/99 Added Tow Car POTM Added another Movie Link. Updated Mid Atl club address

10/27/99 Updated Directory and Owners Namelist added

10/23/99 Added  Water Pump procedure used by permission (see page)

10/19/99 Added Tamir's link

10/16/99 updated rules, added Cleveland2000 banner, opened the store

10/13/99 Removed Valzog, fixed PNDC

10/6/99 Fixed some broken footer links, noticed chron.pdf missing

10/3/99 Added Tech Fixes

10/2/99 Updated bounce status

9/29/99 Archive page (and archive) updated. Fixed vault riot picture title

9/24/99 Changed darn near everything. New Lead page, added POTM, Moved other stuff to appropriate pages, internalized all links

9/22/99 Whoops - the new search engine can see EVERYTHING. Moved old content to offline archive

9/20/99 Added CGI-bin Search utility - much faster, but no nice previews. 

9/19/99 Page 1 fixed indirect links, Massive structure update

9/16/99 Added Norway club, updated counter

9/12/99 Added eGroups link to "Basics", changed instruction on main page, updated sub count.

9/1/99 updated DML status

8/30/99  Added Tech Section, Changed Delorean.com links

8/28/99 Changed lead photo - Kazmark

8/26/99 Added main dmcnews bookmark at top of index page

8/22/99 Modified description of stuff for sale and Zine links. updated those pages

8/17/99 Added Delorean Motor Center link

8/15/99 Posted Egroups Down notice.

8/12/99 updated dml status

8/10/99 changed Midatlantic club info

8/8/99 added Knut photo, fixed phone # on club page

8/7/99 fixed DML FAQ

8/6/99 changed lead photo

8/3/99 added link

8/2/99 added Commercial policy, blew away the DML FAQ - I'll have to fix that

8/1/99  added Bruce photo

7/31/99 added Dave photo

7/30/99 fixed jerky scrolling problem - turned off watermark

7/30/99 modified directory form - works now!

7/28/99 change to blue link buttons

7/27/99 added quick-links, changed buttons for readability

7/25/99 added mailing list status info section

7/22/99 made dmcnews.com not a hotlink, cleaned up old stuff

7/21/99 Clean up misc footers

7/21/99 Added KenM Picture

7/21/99 Updated Directory form, still doesn't work though

7/21/99 Started change log

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